Q. Which state and area do we cover for the delivery by our trucks?

A. Our delivery coverage areas in the US and Canada vary depending on location of the relevant branch.  Please contact to the nearest branch for further details.  See branch map

Q. Do we sell our products to consumers directly?

A.Unfortunately, we are not open to the public. We sell to retailers or wholesalers only.

Q. What makes Ocean Pacific Seafood Group different from other seafood companies?

A. Ocean Pacific Seafood Group works harder than any other retailer to source seafood from responsibly managed fish farms and abundant, well-managed wild-capture fisheries. This means that we seek fisheries that keep fish populations abundant, rather allowing overfishing to occur. It also means that in the process of fishing or farming, impacts on the ecosystem are minimized. We’re committed to working towards sourcing all of our seafood from well-managed farms and fisheries.

Q. How do we know that the standards are being met?

A. Our supplier partners must pass annual independent Third-party audits to ensure that our standards are being met. Only farms that pass their annual audits may sell their farmed seafood to Whole Foods Market.