Company Profile
Since established, our company has played an important role in processing and selling of roasted eel products that are necessary for Japanese restaurants.We have strongly committed ourselves towards this end. As Japanese culinary business grows its popularity in the USA, the carting culture has witnessed notable changes to increasingly diversified customer demands. In line with these new characteristics, our company has actively engaged the market, importing from Japan, China and many parts of the Southeast Asia. Our well-established supply chain earning us strong reputation in the global Japanese cuisine community. Indeed, it is our privilege to receive this recognition. Meanwhile, we also realize it is essential for us to pursue greater social responsibility. Regarding our quality assurance system, our company has always focused on guaranteeing the exceptional quality, safety and secure of our products. All our products have passed the FDA’s examination. We will continue to actively devote ourselves toward creating a new generation of carting culture. We sincerely hope that we can receive constant support and guidance from our customers.

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OPSG team

John Cai -- CEO