Many of our cold storage warehouse facilities are in close proximity to major ports throughout the U.S allowing easy access to major highways that decrease transit time considerably.

Loading Docks

Our loading docks are the largest in the industry, deep and clear of obstruction. They are designed so that products can be easily staged, while ensuring product integrity. All loading docks are equipped with insulated doors and mechanical dock levelers allowing us to maintain a temperature of 40 F. These large loading areas allow for increased volume and greater performance.

Racking Systems

All facilities are fully racked with a single deep VNA layout. All facilities have steel curbing / rails with concrete filler for housekeeping and guidance. This provides for improved performance, efficiency, better product storage, and overall facility safety and housekeeping. The benefits to our customers include a faster and more accurate selection process, less damage to product inventory, while also providing superior service levels.

Each and every facility has been designed with the newest, state-of-the-art refrigeration components. All locations have complete redundancy in key refrigeration components, as well as emergency on-site generators sufficient to operate the entire facility at 100% of operations. These features will ensure complete product integrity. Via utilization of optimal temperature control and system reliability, our customers can be assured of efficient, safe, and redundant refrigeration. In addition, our customers will know that their products will maintain superior product quality through the distribution process, as well as the company's ability to sustain operations and services through power outages.