Market Research Analyst

The Market Research Analyst Position requires the candidate familiar with Global Seafood and Fish market and capable of working as an independent analyst, who is responsible for marketing research, products development and international marketing trend. 

Job Duties:

1. Conduct marketing research on international and domestic business trends, competitors and potential client targets, collect customer feedbacks to further improve the company’s products and service strategically. Explore effective and creative marketing plans to promote our products and expand the client base.
2. Gather data on competitors and analyze prices, sales and methods of marketing and distribution. Improve operation performance from quantitative and non-quantitative analysis.
3. Collect data on customer preferences and buying habits. Analyze product cost and determine the competitive price of the company products. Evaluate sales performance on different products, different seasons, different regions and different client targets;
4. Perform financial analysis and projection. Research factors that contribute to or reduce profitability. Assess risks, benefits, and use valuation methods to analyze data gathered on new products, new investment and business opportunities to increase profitability and also to forecast future marketing trends.

1. At least bachelor degree on marketing, MBA plus.
2. Excellent communication skill. Bilingual in English and Mandarin. (Fluent in speaking and writing)
3. Knowledge of using software: Excel and Accounting software
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